I know I’m a bit late getting to this topic (Philip Virgo got there first) but I think it’s worth blogging about this, too. Here is the only (?) Christmas carol to be adapted for information security:

The Twelve Scams of Christmas

Twelve Phishers phishing
Eleven Spammers spamming
Ten Bots a’ herding
Nine Virus writers coding
Eight Snoopers snooping
Seven Worms a’ spreading
Six Crackers cracking
Five Tro-jan Horses
Four Logic bombs
Three Software patches
Two Denials of Service
And a hacker at your back door!

Credits go to Philip Virgo, Margaret Smith (plus the other ISAF members) and the countless members of IT Services at LSE who had to endure this being actually sung to the music of “Twelve Days of Christmas”.

The links go to GetSafeOnline. For more information, see the links on the right. I’ll blog on each topic over the next few days.