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I http ward an interesting rumour regarding (formerly MessageLabs) at InfoSec Europe about the implications of IPv6 rollout.

One of the methods currently used for combating spam is through blacklisting of IP addresses. In the new IPv6 world, Symantec will be whitelisting the IPs of mail servers. It’s understandable why but I suspect it will generate a lot of debate when people realise the implications.


Student Loan Scam

There is news today of another scam, targeting students. From the article, it seems that several students fell victim to this and are several thousand pounds out of pocket. In essence, this is just another phishing scam but specifically aimed at students, offering them the possibility of a bursary if they fill in a form with their personal details.

The Student Loan’s Company have been the bait for a number of scams over the last few years.

Unfortunately, this has happened before and will happen again. The Government have put some advice up here about what to look out for and some general advice on staying safe online here.

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